Rural Parliament 2021 - Finland’s largest Festival of Ideas

Main entrance at Kurikan Kampus. Photo Aili Raudla-Majakangas.

Diverse and memorable programme – virtually and in multiple locations across Finland!

Diverse and memorable Rural Parliament

The diverse programme of the Rural Parliament offers inspiring speakers, enlightening talks, exciting workshops, stimulating briefings and surprising encounters. You can attend the programme organised in different parts of Finland - its villages, towns and cities - virtually and from multiple locations. You will decide which opportunities you wish to grasp!

In the Rural Parliament the focus is on the future. We will throw ourselves into a bold search for sustainable solutions to make a better future. Dialogue between people of different ages is the key. Young people will also be involved in rural development and the national rural policy. A voice will be given to people who are often not heard.

Through a common understanding we can build a better future for us all - a good life as a whole and smooth everyday living.

Programme along three paths

In the Rural Parliament we throw ourselves into a search for solutions and new ideas to find alternatives to the present development paths. The programme is divided along three paths, each of them focused on working together to find answers to pressing questions of our time. They are all linked to our life and what we do every day.

Join us and bring your ideas - and problems. We can think about them together. Let’s tell about our insights and highlight new ideas! The questions for the constructive discussions to find solutions are:

  1. Path: Smart countryside capable of renewing itself over time
    Question: How can rural areas renew themselves over time and create opportunities for Finland as a whole?
  2. Path: Good life and smart adaptation
    Question: How can we create more wellbeing with the diminishing resources?
  3. Path: Just transition and a carbon-smart countryside
    Question: How can we ensure a just transition to a carbon-neutral society that cherishes biodiversity?

The Rural Parliament is intended for all who are interested in rural affairs and rural development. In 2021 you can participate in the events online. The programme will be organised in cooperation between several stakeholders and in multiple locations. The main events are streamed live from the Kurikka Campus.

Multi-local Rural Parliament for making an impact and networking

The Rural Parliament is an event that showcases the Finnish diverse countryside and its active people. Its mission is to preserve good possibilities for housing, living and earning a livelihood in the rural areas of our country.

The programme will be organised in cooperation between several stakeholders, also in multiple locations in different parts of Finland. This multi-local programme package of the Rural Parliament is composed of the programmes organised in different locations. The national Rural Parliament and Finland’s largest Festival of Ideas is built together, from villages to the central government.

Main photo: Main entrance at Kurikan Kampus. Photo Aili Raudla-Majakangas.