Finnish Rural Parliament on the 26th-28th of September 2024 in Nurmes, North Karelia!

Versatile, memorable Rural Parliament

The Rural Parliament is something quite unique. It is more than just an event. It offers an excellent opportunity to explore the diversity of the Finnish countryside. It is an opportunity to learn and understand new things and create new networks. The Rural Parliament shapes a sustainable future and influences the national rural policy. At the core lies dialogue between people of different ages and from different backgrounds. Through common understanding we can move to making a better future.

Festival of ideas helps to decide Finland’s future

What are the key conditions for good living and sustainable everyday life, work and entrepreneurship?

Finland’s largest festival of ideas looks for alternatives to the present development paths, with a particular focus on rural areas. The COVID-19 pandemic has made rural areas increasingly attractive as places for living and working remotely. Population ageing and concentration of resources will require smart action in villages and municipalities. Overconsumption and loss of biodiversity call for changes in people’s daily life, operations of companies and political decision-making. Now if ever new ideas are needed!

Let’s experience a multi-local Finland - together

The Rural Parliament is attended by NGO activists and village developers, entrepreneurs, researchers and experts, financers and policy-makers. It provides a venue where people of different ages - students, working-age people and pensioners - from villages, towns and cities can meet. Everybody is excited about the countryside and what it has to offer. We all share the desire to ensure a successful future for Finland.

The event brings up-to-date knowledge on rural areas, rural development tools and makers of the future to the same place. The programme will be organised in virtual format, with some of it taking place in multiple locations. Everybody can join in virtually from wherever they are.

More than just an event

The aim of the Rural Parliament is to make sure that rural affairs are being seen and heard in public discussion. Another key aim is to give a voice to young people living in rural areas. Let’s work together to bring rural perspectives to political decision-making.

By attending the event you will also participate in formulating the National Declaration on Rural Policy 2.0, which will be published at the Rural Parliament.

After the event it can be used freely in the work to influence rural affairs. We are speaking with one voice for the benefit of our rural areas.

Rural Parliament is Finland's biggest social rural event. It is open for all who are interested in rural development and policy-making.

The event is arranged with local, regional and national actors and is coordinated by the National Rural Policy Council (MANE) in Finland. The event will be held on the web and it has also a broadcast studio at Kurikka campus in Southern Ostrobothnia.