The land speaks on the web

The National Rural Parliament will be held on the web 28.-30.9.2021. There will be a special broadcast studio at Kurikka campus.

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National rural policy declaration 2.0

Diverse, memorable, Rural Parliament

Rural Parliament is a unique event that offers a great chance to get to know the diverse Finnish rural areas. It is a chance for new networking and learning. In Rural Parliament we plan a sustainable future and influence national rural policy. In its core is the dialogue between generations.

The future of Finland is decided in Kurikka

In Rural Parliament we seek for alternatives for the current development especially from the point of view of rural areas. Ageing of population and the centreing of resources require ingenious actions in villages and municipalities. Overconsumption and biodiversity degradation require changes in both the everyday lives of people as well as in political decision-making.

What are the requirements for sustainable life and work in rural areas? How do we create a biodiversity-protecting, carbon neutral economy that supports local economies?

Villages and cities meet in Kurikka

Association activists and village developers, entrepreneurs, researchers, specialists, financiers and policy-makers will be taking part in Rural Parliament. Generations, students, workers and pensioners from villages and cities will meet in the event. They all have a passion for making Finland's future succesfull.

The event brings together rural knowledge, tools for rural development and makers of the future.

More than just an event

The goal of Rural Parliament is to ensure that rural matters are visible in public discussion. Let's raise rural viewpoints to the centre of policy-making, together.

Taking part allows you to be a part of the formulation of the national rural policy declaration 2.0. It will be published in Rural Parliament. After the event it will be free to use in rural influencing work.

Rural Parliament is Finland's biggest social rural event. It is open for all who are interested in rural development and policy-making.

The event is arranged with local, regional and national actors and is coordinated by the National Rural Policy Council (MANE) in Finland. The event will be held on the web and it has also a broadcast studio at Kurikka campus in Southern Ostrobothnia.

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